Brightonshed is a creative organization that has been working across the arts in Brighton and Hove for the past ten years, working by Chickenshed's inclusive creative method. We work with groups of young people of varying abilities and backgrounds, enabling them to contribute to exciting artistically led projects. As an inclusive company we believe that every individual has something unique to offer to the creative process.


We aim to develop inclusive, challenging and unique theatre, dance and music participation projects in interesting spaces, that respond to local priorities and engage local people.

Brightonshed holds weekly sessions for young people aged from 13 years and up.


These are fun, energetic sessions covering all aspects of theatre. The members play a huge part in these classes, and their input is invaluable, from thinking up ideas to helping us formulate the final pieces.


Every workshop is centred around each person's creativity and alongside our experienced team and our volunteers they can create pieces of work that they can call their own, whilst improving their performance skills, confidence and awareness of others.

Brightonshed has created performances for Brighton Fringe, Brighton Childrens Festival and Brighton White Night, as well as independent Arts Council Funded Projects.


We aim to create fun and accessible, quality performance work for young audiences and their families. We put inclusion at the very heart of the creative process. So at every stage of creation and performance we ensure that all involved can access the work and feel ownership of the artistic process.

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